Toll roads

User charge shall be paid for using the following roads of the highest category (main roads) from A1 to A18:

  • A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda (10,15–91,00 km; 102,93–303,74 km);
  • A2 Vilnius–Panevėžys (12,00–132,70 km);
  • A3 Vilnius–Minskas (6,65–32,91 km);
  • A4 Vilnius–Varėna–Gardinas (15,51–133,96 km);
  • A5 Kaunas–Marijampolė–Suvalkai (7,60–97,06 km);
  • A6 Kaunas–Zarasai–Daugpilis (6,02–185,40 km);
  • A7 Marijampolė–Kybartai–Kaliningradas (2,50–41,92 km);
  • A8 Panevėžys–Aristava–Sitkūnai (7,50–87,86 km);
  • A9 Panevėžys–Šiauliai (5,00–75,14 km);
  • A10 Panevėžys–Pasvalys–Ryga (4,57–66,10 km);
  • A11 Šiauliai–Palanga (2,65–146,41 km);
  • A12 Ryga–Šiauliai–Tauragė–Kaliningradas (0–49,70 km; 59,43–185,96 km);
  • A13 Klaipėda–Liepoja (11,00–24,77 km; 26,75–45,15 km);
  • A14 Vilnius–Utena (10,66–95,60 km);
  • A15 Vilnius–Lyda (10,66–49,28 km);
  • A16 Vilnius–Prienai–Marijampolė (15,55–135,48 km);
  • A17 Panevėžio aplinkkelis (0–22,28 km);
  • A18 Šiaulių aplinkkelis (0–17,08 km).

Vignette Replacement

Vignettes can be replaced in the following cases:

  1. Broken or cracked windscreen of the main part of vechile the vignette was applied to.
  2. Road accident or fire in the vechile and if vechile is damage irreparably as well as breakdown of the vechile when its repair is inexpedient.
  3. Loss of the control coupon.
  4. Theft of the vechile.
  5. The national registration plate number indicated on the vignette and/or control coupon incorrectly.
  6. Selling the vechile.

In all of these cases, the vehicle owners or operators (drivers) must provide the Road Administration an application, as well as the required additional documents (in each case is to be presented in different papers).
For more information about the road conditions change vignettes can be found by clicking the following link: Vignette Replacement.

User charge

User Charge of Owners or Users of the Vehicles Registered in the Republic of Lithuania, Foreign Countries, including European Union Member States.

When driving on the main Lithuanian roads A1–A18 by buses, heavy vehicles (N1–N3) and their combinations as well as special road vehicles, the user charge shall be paid.

The biggest part of distribution sites of road vignettes got new biennial day vignettes, which cost 37 litas.

sena vinjete  nauja vinjete

Comparing with old ones there are only few differences: colour and additional columns of the year 2013/2014 on the control coupon and on the sticky part. When want to show the beginning of validity you need to change column of the year as it is shown in a picture.

The last changes of edict of the LR Minister of Transport and Communications and examples of two-year vignettes you will find if you go to this link.